Calibration WOW! ACS cars

Calibration system WOW! ACS cars

5 good reasons

  • WOW! ACS cars – For all relevant vehicle brands
    With WOW! ACS cars, we offer you a robust and workshop-compatible calibration system with which you can calibrate all relevant vehicle brands flexibly and easily.
  • Cross-manufacturer approach
    We provide you with a 100 % manufacturer-specific calibration system that is put together for you taking into account the original manufacturer's specifications.
  • Everything from a single source
    Together with our DIALOOQ diagnostic hardware and software solutions, with WOW! ACS cars we offer you the optimal solution for your demanding daily workshop routine.
  • One-man operation
    The simple operation of the WOW! ACS cars calibration system enables you to work effectively and time-efficiently.
  • Your comprehensive and professional service
    From delivery to on-site installation and service after commissioning. You have a direct contact person and we are there for you in any situation.
When calibration

When do these systems need to be calibrated*

  • After an accident
  • After changing the installation position
  • After replacing the windscreen
  • After changing the vehicle level: wheel alignment, lowering
  • When there is an entry in the error memory
  • In the case of a malfunction/customer complaint
  • If a component was defective or replaced
  • In the case of instructions from the respective manufacturers

*Please refer to the specifications and information of the respective manufacturers.

Our solution: Calibration system WOW! ACS cars

WOW! ACS cars Product picture

WOW! ACS cars basic carrier system including wheel clamps*

Art.No. W074 200 000

  • Powder-coated, height-adjustable, spring-balanced calibration board carrier (1.0 m to 1.85 m) respectively trolley with manoeuvring wheels, handle and knurled screw
  • Height adjustable and separable laser carrier (0.27 m to 1.0 m) with additional fine adjustment with two mounted laser pointers
  • Measuring scale for height adjustment of calibration board holder and laser carrier
  • Two self-centered four point-wheel clamps (for 11 - 25 inch wheel)
  • Metal box with following equipment: line laser, measuring tape, two mirror/coil units and measuring tape holders

* Basic scope of delivery does not include double-sided printed calibration boards.

WOW! ACS cars Basic Carrier System
for Hunter wheel alignment

Art. Nr. W074 200 001

  • Powder-coated, height-adjustable, spring-balanced calibration board holder (1.0 m to 1.85 m) or trolley with manoeuvring wheels, handle and knurled screw
  • Height-adjustable and divisible crossbar with matching mount for Hunter ADAS kit*
  • Measuring scale for height adjustment of calibration board holder and laser carrier
  • 8 white and 8 black thumbscrews
  • 1 measuring tape

* Hunter ADAS kit must be purchased separately through your Hunter distributor.

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks for successful calibration

The successful calibration procedure

The successful calibration procedure


Order no. W074210000
TFC-1 + TFC-2

One board, double-sided printed


TFC-1: Audi, Cupra, Porsche, Seat, Škoda, VW

TFC-2: Mercedes

Order no. W074210002
TFC-5 + TFC-6

One board, double-sided printed


TFC-5: Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Hyundai, Jeep, KIA

TFC-6: Alfa Romeo

Order no. W074210003
TFC-7 + TFC-8

Two boards separated, double-sided printed*


TFC-7: Mercedes, Nissan

TFC-8: Mazda 2

Order no. W074210004
TFC-9 + TFC-10

Two boards separated and double-sided printed*


TFC-9: Mazda

TFC-10: Mitsubishi

Order no. W074210005
TFC-11 + TFC-12

One board, double-sided printed*


TFC-11: Lexus, Mazda 2, Suzuki, Toyota

TFC-12: Toyota

Order no. W074210006
TFC-13 + TFC-14

One board, double-sided printed


TFC-13: Nissan

TFC-14: Hyundai Type 1

Order no. W074210007
TFC-15 + TFC-16/17

Two boards separated and double-sided printed*


TFC-15: Honda Type 1+2

TFC-16: Honda

TFC-17: Hyundai Santa Fe, KIA

Order no. W074210009
TFC-3 + TFC-4

One board, double-sided printed


TFC-3: Renault

TFC-4: Citroën, DS Automobiles, Fiat, Opel, Peugeot, Toyota, Vauxhall

Calibration board W074210012
Order no. W074210012
TFC-22 + TFC-13

One board, double-sided printed


TFC-22: Toyota

TFC-13: Nissan

* Calibration boards can only be used in combination with adjustment rail.


Order no. W074210008
Target adjustment rails

Two-piece: one rail at the top and one rail at the bottom

Order no. W074211001
Radar Kit 2

Reflector (reflector plate, holding device and distance laser)

Order no. W074214000
Case for measure tools

Case for storage and protection of accessories (not equipped).

Calibration mats
Order no. W074 202 000
Calibration mats TAV-1

Manufacturer-specific calibration mats for exact calibration of 360° surround view camera systems

More product information

Calibration aids
Order no. at more information
Calibration aids Volvo

Calibration aid Volvo for camera: Adjusting tool for various Volvo front camera systems

Calibration aid Volvo for radar: Adjusting tool for various Volvo radar sensors

More product information

Radar head socket tool
Order no. W074 211 004
Radar head socket tool

The adjustment tool enables the adjustment of the radar head of the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) on Volkswagen Group vehicles.

Camera calibration with WOW! ACS cars – Tutorial

Radar calibration E-Golf with WOW! ACS cars – Tutorial

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