Coolius 4000HP - ( W050200011)


Please note that some parts only exist in the exploded drawings but not in the spare parts table.

These parts can not be ordered separately!

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Service unit parts

PosArticle No.DesignationSerial-No.Pictures
10707764007Solenoid valveall 
20707764015Solenoid valveall 
2W052200145Solenoid valve coilall 
30707764015Solenoid valveall 
40707764007Solenoid valveall 
60707764205Vacuum pumpall 
7W052200147Compressor all 
130707764007Solenoid valveall 
140707764034Heater on the bottle 400Wall 
15W052200028Pressure transducerall  
160900900607Spring for heaterall 
no longer available
Safety swicthall 
190707764007Solenoid valveall 
200707764025Solenoid valveall 
22W052200150Refrigerant charge hoseall 
24W052200195Plug with fuseall 
25W052200151Condenser - Bottle hose14,55 
26W052200152Low pressure gauge capillary hoseall 
27W052200153High pressure gauge capillary hoseall 
29W052200089Oil discharge capillary hoseall  
30W052200055Pump refrigerantall 
31W052200155Bottle all 
32W052200102Front wheelall  
33W052200101Rear wheelall  
35W052200089Oil charge capillary hoseall  
36W052200156Hose - pressure return to compressorall 
38W052200157Valves block - distiller hoseall 
40W052200158Vacuum hoseall 
42W052200159Distiller - Filter 1 hoseall 
43W052200160Oil separatorall 
44W052200161Distiller - Filter 2 hoseall 
45W052200162Lubricant oil separatorall 
46W052200163Complete flow gas valveall 
470707764227Handle supportall 
48W052200038Oil drain bottleall 
49W052200035Motor for pumpall 
50W052200038Oil/Uv dosimeterall 
51W052200164Plastic coverall 
53W052200165Front panelall 
54W052200090Power cable (Europa Standard)all  
550764000154HP quick coupler - R134aall 
560764000153LP quick coupler - R134aall 
59W052200167Tube of oil of compressorall 
60W052200030Refrigerant scale silentblockall 
61W052200168Condenser with fanall 
64076495 002Paper roll-A/C-printerall  
65W052200170Fuse on plugall 
66W052200171Distiller coil inlet tube all 
68W052200172Rear panelall 
69W052200173Handle supportall 
700707764235Refrigerant load cellall  
710707764232Oil discharge load cellall  
720707764232Oil PAG load cellall  
73W052200174Complete console all 
74W052200175Check valveall 
75W052200175Check valveall 
760707764006Check valveall  
770707764006Check valveall  
780707764006Check valveall  
790707764006Check valveall  
800707764052Filter drierall  
810707764052Filter drierall  
84W052200177Low pressure gaugeall 
85W052200178High pressure gaugeall 
87W052200027Power supplyall 
91W052200179Low pressure hose 3 mall 
92W052200180High pressure hose 3 mall 
93W052200181Safety valveall 
 W052200136Micro sd cardall 

Maintenance parts

PosArticle No.DesignationSerial-No.Picture
 0900800610Maintenance kitall  
 0707764052Filter dryerall  
 0900900605Discharge oil filterall  
 W052200123Seal 3/8"all  
 W052200122Seal 1/4"all  
 W052200279Seal screw1 incl. seal ringall  
 W052200280Seal screw2all  
 W052200281Seal ringall  
 0892764300Wurth vacuum pump oil ISO 12 - 2 pcs to order!all