Diagnostic vehicle

On this site you'll find spareparts for diagnostic vehicle hardware.

You can directly, easily and uncompliated order the needed items by phone at our hotline with the number +49 7940 / 981 88 - 8188 or via e-mail hotline@wow-portal.com.

C15 generation 43

Article No. Designation Serial-No. Picture
W043150303 Power supply Europe all  
W043150304 Power supply Suisse all  
W043150305 Power supply Great Britain all  
W043150390 Case for C15 Snooper+ all   
W043150490 Case for C15 LOOQER all   


Article No. Designation Serial-No. Picture
W071003000 LOOQER Interface Basic all   
W071003100 OBD Extension cable all   
W071003101 LOOQER case all   
W073003009 Repairkit Connector head all   
W073003002 Hook clip all   
W073003003 Suction cup all   
W073003004 Keychain all   
W073003005 USB-C cable all   
W073003006 Battery CR1216 for VCI LOOQER all   
W073003007 Battery CR1616 for OBD Extension cable all   


Article No.DesignationSerial-No.Picture
W07120063416 pin OBD plug Snooper+ BTall  
0900500314USB cable, 3 mall  
0900500316USB cable, 5 mall  
W072700100Snooper+ BTall 
W071705740Battery for the LED light in the Carb Plug Snooper+ ( 2x are needed!)all  
W071000145Power supply for Snooper 230Vall  

Adapter cables 16 pin OBD to ...

Article No.DesignationSerial-No.Picture
0900200650Adapter cable Audi, VW, Seatall  
0900200651Adapter cable Mercedes Benz, VW, 14-pinall  
0900200652Adapter cable Opelall  
0900200653*Adapter cable 2-pin Citroen, Peugeotall  
0900200654Adapter cable 30-pin Citroen, Peugeotall  
0900200655Adapter cable 12-pin Renaultall  
0900200656Adapter cable 10-pin Saaball  
0900200657*Adapter cable Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat, Peugeotall  
0900200658Adapter cable 20-pin BMWall  
0900200659Adapter cable 38-pin Mercedes-Benz all  
0900200660*Adapter cables Audi, Ford, Seat, VW, Volvoall  
0900200673Adapter cable 38-pin Ivecoall  
0900200917*Power adapter cable * in conjunction with part nos. 0900200653, 0900200657, 0900200660all  

Rechargeable batteries

Article No.DesignationSerial-No.Picture
0900600057Battery for iQ 310all  
W043300002Battery for iQ 150 (in dependence upon generation)all  
0900600051Battery for Hotspot Gen 8all  


Article No.DesignationSerial-No.Picture
W043300001Touchpen for iQ 150all  
0900600063Touchpen for iQ 310 & iQ 320all  
W040600010Touchpen for iQ 350 to Gen 26to Gen 26  
W040600012Touchpen for iQ 350 from Gen 27from Gen 27  

PC hardware

Article No.DesignationSerial-No.Picture
** = country-specific
Sparepart PC 150 (current new product)all 
W043500001USB keyboard iQ seriesall