Coolius 2000 - ( 0900764971)


Please note that some parts only exist in the exploded drawings but not in the spare parts table.

These parts can not be ordered separately!

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Service unit parts

PosArticle No.DesignationSerial-NoPicture
10707764007Solenoid valve001 - 920  
1W052200070Solenoid valvefrom 921  
20707764007Solenoid valve001 - 920  
2W052200070Solenoid valvefrom 921  
30707764007Solenoid valve001 - 920  
3W052200070Solenoid valvefrom 921  
40707764203Solenoid valve001 - 020  
60707764259Vacuum pump001 - 1070  
6W052200121Vacuum pumpfrom 1071  
7W052200002Compressor001 - 920 
7W052200117Compressorfrom 921 
100707764007Solenoid valve001 - 920  
10W052200070Solenoid valvefrom 921  
130707764007Solenoid valve001 - 920  
13W052200070Solenoid valvefrom 921  
150707764046 Pressure vacuum switch001 - 020  
15W052200064Pressure transducerfrom 021  
 0900901695T-connection for pressure sensorall  
 W052200143Connector pressure sensorall 
170900900603Safety switchall  
180707764014Vacuum switch001 - 020  
190707764007Solenoid valve001 - 920  
19W052200070Solenoid valvefrom 921  
200707764025Solenoid valveall  
20W052200114Solenoid valvefrom 921 
21W052200089Capillary tubeall  
230707764208Valve on the bottleall  
240707764001Bottle service valveall  
270707764210Bottle pressure gaugeall  
29W052200089Capillary tubeall  
31W052200004Bottle - 2000all 
32W052200111Rotating wheelall  
330707764214Wheel Ø 20cmall  
34W052200089Capillary tubeall  
35W052200089Capillary tubeall  
36W052200089Capillary tubeall  
37W052200005Hose - 2000all 
38W052200115Oil separator suction line hose001 - 020  
38W052200116Oil separator suction line hosefrom 021 
39W052200089Capillary tubeall  
400707764220Vacuum hoseall  
41W052200006Hose - Compressorall  
42W052200007Hose - oil separatorall  
43W052200008Oil separator001 - 920  
43W052200119Oil separatorfrom 921  
44W052200009 Fitting - 1/4"all  
450707764225Compressor lubricant distillerall  
46W052200010Hose - Connection - 2000all  
470707764227Handle supportall  
48W052200113Oil drain bottle incl. lid (black)all  
49W052200113UV dosimeter incl. lid (black)all  
50W052200113Oil dosimeter incl. lid (black)all  
510900900643Heater switchall  
520707764228High pressure hose 3000 mmall  
52W067000002High pressure hose 6000 mmall  
530707764229Low pressure hose 3000 mmall  
53W067000003Low pressure hose 6000 mmall  
 0900901698Brass fittingall  
 0900901699Brass fittingall  
54W052200090Power cable (Europe standard)all  
550707764019HP quick couplerall  
560707764020LP quick couplerall  
570707764041Manual discharge valve on distillerall  
no longer available
Temperature probeall  
60no longer availableConsole - Compl. - 2000all  
61076495 002Paper roll-A/C-printerall  
620707764238Black plastic basinall  
 W052200120Protection coverall  
64W052200014Frame - Cards - 2000all  
65W052200015Cover - Rightall  
66W052200016Cover - Leftall  
67W052200001Main switchall  
68W052200077Low pressure gaugeall  
69W052200078High pressure gaugeall  
70W052200011Hose - Lowpressureall  
71no longer availablePrinterall  
720707764241Memory cardall  
72no longer availableUpdate cardall  
73W052200012Hose - Highpressureall  
740707764232Oil load cellall  
750707764232Oil drain load cellall  
760707764034Heater on the bottle 400W + 2 springsall  
770707764232UV load cellall  
790900900613Safety valveall  
800707764235Refrigerant load cellall  
810707764006Check valve001 - 920  
81W052200079Check valvefrom 921 
820707764006Check valveall  
830707764006Check valve001 - 921  
83W052200079Check valvefrom 921 
840707764006Check valve001 - 921  
84W052200079Check valvefrom 921 
860707764006Check valve001 - 920  
86W052200079Check valvefrom 921 
880707764006Check valveall  
890707764006Check valveall  
900707764052Filter dryerall  
910707764001Valve 1/8" NPTf x 1/8" NPTfall  
920707764001Valve 1/8" NPTf x 1/8" NPTfall  
93W052200089Capillary tubeall  
94W052200089Capillary tubeall  
950707764052Filter dryerall  
1000707764258Valve on the refrigerant bottle in charging lineall  
 0900900606Calibration load cells kitall  
 0900800613 Pressure switches check kitall  
 0900900605Discharge oil filterall  
 0900900607 Spring for heaterall  

Maintenance parts

PosArticle No.DesignationSerial-No.Picture
 0900800610Maintenance kitall  
 0707764052Filter dryerall  
 0900900605Discharge oil filterall  
 W052200123Seal 3/8"all  
 W052200122Seal 1/4"all  
 W052200279Seal screw1 incl. seal ringall  
 W052200280Seal screw2all  
 W052200281Seal ringall  
 0892764300Wurth vacuum pump oil ISO 12 - 2 pcs to order!all