Secutronic Plus ( 076495)


Please note that some parts only exist in the exploded drawings but not in the spare parts table.

These parts can not be ordered separately!

PosArticle No.DesignationSerial-No.Picture
 0900800610Maintenance kitall  
10707764001Valve 1/8" NPTf x 1/8" NPTfall 
20707764002Capillary tubeall 
30707764003Moisture indicatorall  
40707764004Charge pressure switchall 
60707764006Check valveall  
70707764007Solenoid valve 1/8"all  
80707764008Main switchall  
110707764011Red lightall  
120707764012Capillary tube Ø 10 mmall 
13W052200187LP pressure gauge R12 - R134aall  
140707764014Protected vacuum switchall  
150707764015Solenoid valve 1/4"all 
160707764016HP pressure gauge R12 - R134aall  
180707764018Sight glassall 
190707764019HP quick couplerall  
200707764020LP quick couplerall  
250707764025Solenoid valve 1/8"all  
260707764026Wheel (with brake)all  
270707764027Turning wheelall  
no longer available
ABS front plastic cover (black)all 
29no longer availableBlack basin of plastic coverall  
300707764030ABS rear plastic cover (black)all 
310707764031Heating element 85 Wall 
320707764032Loadcell refrigerantall  
340707764034Heating element 400 Wall  
350707764035Complete bottle for Secutronicall  
no longer available!
Safety valveall  
370707764037Valve 1/4" SAE x 1/8" NPTall 
380707764038Power cableall  
390707764039Flexible hose 470 mmall 
400707764040Flexible hose 340 mmall 
410707764041Valve 1/4" SAE x 1/8" NPTall  
460707764046Pressure switchall  
480707764048Flexible hoseall 
49no longer availableComplete distillerall  
500707764050Flexible hoseall 
520707764052Filter dryerall  
530707764053Flexible hoseall 
540900901692Single stage vacuum pumpall  
550707764055Oil discharge receiver R134a/6 - 180°all 
570707764057Complete compressor R134aall  
580707764058Motorfan with cableall  
590707764059Complete condenserall  
600707764060Fuse 10 Aall  
610707764061Fuse 5 Aall  
 0900900609Fuse protection
no longer available
620707764062Load cell 5 kgall 
63W052200113Oil dosimeter 180° R134a
incl. lid (black)
 076495 002Paper rollall 
670707764228Flexible hose 3/8" SAE, 3000 mm incl. adapter 0900900601all  
67W067000002Flexible hose 3/8" SAE,
6000 mm without adapter
680707764229Flexible hose 3/8" SAE,
3000 mm incl. adapter 0900900601
68W067000003Flexible hose 3/8" SAE,
6000 mm without adapter
 0900900601Connection adapter for HP and LP hosesall  
840707764110Electronic moduleall 
840707764251WIG3 front panelall