WOW! offers open doors for vehicles with security gateway

Modern vehicles are being equipped by manufacturers with increasingly comprehensive comfort and assistance systems. A disadvantage of this increasing connectivity is the vulnerability of such systems to unauthorized attacks by third parties.

After Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (FCA) started implementing the Security Gateway (SGW) control unit in various vehicles since model year 2018, other vehicle manufacturers are also working on security solutions to be able to prevent hacking attacks. This also means, however, that the diagnosis in the workshop can no longer be carried out fully and easily via on-board diagnosis (OBD).

Development work for interface solution "Security Gateway Portal"

The increasing number of manufacturer specific security measures leads to increasing complexity in vehicle diagnostics for workshops, as each manufacturer provides its own access for the online registration.

In order to present the manufacturer specific and therefore different processes in a uniform manner and to provide workshops with easy access, we are developing an interface, so-called WOW! Security Gateway Portal (SGP), for the manufacturers' security systems in the WOW! Diagnostic Software.
The aim is to help our customers, especially independent and multi-brand workshops, to achieve a fast and easy repair success, even with the increasing number of encrypted vehicles in the future.

Diagnosis of encrypted vehicles – No problem

Security Gateway für FCA

WOW! solution für FCA vehicles with security gateway

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (FCA) started implementing the Security Gateway (SGW) control unit in various vehicles since model year 2018. FCA thus locks out all non-authenticated workshops. In order to clear fault codes, activate components or enable adjustment functions such as the resetting of service lights, a "certificate" must be purchased from FCA. For this, you need to register with FCA and be connected to the internet during diagnosis.

With the release of the Diagnostics Update 5.29.00 in February 2020, it is possible to perform a full diagnosis on vehicles with Security Gateway systems from FCA.
How to connect to FCA – step by step

SGW für Mercedes-Benz

WOW! solution for Mercedes-Benz vehicles with security gateway

Starting with the model year 2021, the car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz will also protect its latest vehicle models with online certificate-based diagnostics. Already in spring 2019, various vehicles were protected against unauthorized access via the control unit of the EZS (electronic ignition lock) with an access restriction using the Seed & Key method

Already since the release of the WOW! Diagnostic Software Update 5.28.00 in November 2019 it is possible to communicate with Seed & Key method ("firewall") protected Mercedes-Benz vehicles. An integrated CeBAS (Certificate Based Automotive Security) solution in the Diagnostic Software is planned for summer 2021.

More WOW! know-how in the area of security gateway

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