WOW! Security Gateway Portal

Security Gateway Portal (SGP)

Stop the chaos before it starts!

Simple. Fast. Secure. The Security Gateway Portal solution from WOW! also offers open doors for vehicles with security gateway. All through a single interface in the LOOQIT diagnostic software.

With the Security Gateway Portal (SGP) we help you to repair encrypted vehicles quickly and easily. The SGP will be made available in the LOOQIT software to customers with a valid diagnostic license starting with software version 5.33.00. 

What are the benefits of the Security Gateway Portal?

Everyday work
Everyday work
Many manufacturers under one roof

For manufacturer-independent and multi-brand working on vehicles secured with security gateway systems.

Simple and unique from the start

One-time authentication of only one responsible person as well as easy addition of further users.

User interface
User interface
Familiar but still new

Familiar and consistent user interface with well-known terms in the LOOQIT software.

Added value at no extra cost

No additional costs when using a valid diagnostic license.

What brands are available in the Security Gateway Portal?

Alfa Romea

How does the Security Gateway Portal work?

All available manufacturers are grouped together on the Security Gateway Portal. Supported vehicles with (possible) Security Gateway protection are marked in the program.

You only need to log in to the SGP to be able to process all available manufacturers while we handle the access negotiations with the manufacturers.

Step 1

Update your software and get updates regularly.

Step 2

Register and authenticate once at the portal.

(Settings / General / SGP)

Step 3

Log in with your username and password to be able to process all available manufacturers.

Tutorial Security Gateway Portal (SGP)

Do you have any questions or would like a personal consultation?

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