WOW! Security Gateway Portal

WOW! Security Gateway Portal

Your key to successful diagnostics on Security Gateway protected vehicles

The increasing number of assistance systems in vehicles results in manufacturers encrypting the connections to the corresponding systems in order to prevent unauthorised access. This means that diagnostic communication with the vehicle in the workshop can no longer take place.

The WOW! Security Gateway Portal is your key to diagnostic success, enabling you to work on all available vehicles whose communication or individual functions are blocked by a security gateway.

Access to SGP via the WOW! LOOQIT diagnostic software is included in the valid diagnostic license.

What brands are available in the Security Gateway Portal?

Alfa Romeo

Access with the Security Gateway Portal

This is how you get immediate access to diagnostics on encrypted vehicles

The Security Gateway Portal (SGP) is integrated in the WOW! diagnostic software. Access and the function are only possible with an active license.
After a one-time registration and authentication in the SGP, you can work on all vehicles from available manufacturers. We take care of the communication with the manufacturers and the request for access certificates for you.


And this is how it works step by step

WOW! Tip: We recommend that you log in and register once before working on an Security Gateway protected vehicle!


Step 1: Log in and create a user account

Open "Settings/General/Security Gateway Portal (SGP)" in the software. Here you create a user account with an e-mail address and password to access the portal and enter your data.
Important: Your personal data must match the data on an ID document (ID card, passport or driving licence), as this is required for authentication.


Step 2: Registration and authentication

By sending your registration data in the SGP, the authentication process is initiated. You will receive an email with a confirmation code, which you enter on the registration page.
Authentication is carried out with an authentication service by scanning your ID document and your face.


Step 3: Finalising registration in the SGP

Once you have successfully confirmed your identification, the last page of the registration for the portal appears, where you only need to enter your company details.
Once registration is complete, the SGP login page appears.


Step 4: Open the SGP user interface and activate the vehicle manufacturer

Log in with your username and password to access the user interface of your account and activate the manufacturers you need. As soon as you select a supported vehicle with (possible) Security Gateway protection, the message to log in to the SGP appears. Once you have logged in, communication with the vehicle manufacturer starts automatically and you can continue to work on the vehicle.

Tutorial: Registration and authentication in the Security Gateway Portal (SGP)

Your benefit from this as a #VEHICLEEXPERTEER
Everyday work
Everyday work
Many manufacturers under one roof

For manufacturer-independent and multi-brand working on vehicles secured with security gateway systems.

Simple and unique from the start

One-time authentication of only one responsible person as well as easy addition of further users.

User interface
User interface
Familiar but still new

Familiar and consistent user interface with well-known terms in the LOOQIT software.

Added value at no extra cost

No additional costs when using a valid diagnostic license.

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