2019 December 3rd: Diagnosis update 5.28.00
Diagnosis update 5.28.00

With WOW! 5.28.00 diagnosis we support now 70 manufacturers with over all 1.430 different car models. That’s an increase of model coverage of 1.35%.



   New features and    additions diagnostic data
Audi - new models - service functions / coverage for many variants of gearbox / radar and camera calibration
Ford - year model update for around 15 models
Hyundai - new model Ioniq
KIA - new model KIA Soul EV
Mercedes - Sprinter service and diagnostic functions
Skoda - new model Kodiaq
Seat - new model Ibiza V
VW - extended coverage for e-Golf
Volvo - new models V60, V60 Cross Country, S60, XC40

   Database coverage
New and revised models in 5.28.00:

  • BMW – 3er-Serie [G20], 8er-Serie [G14/15], X7 [G07], Z4 [G29]
  • Kia Stonic [18-]
  • Mazda 6 [16-] [GL]
  • Mercedes - GLB [X247], GLS [X167], Sprinter [907/910], Sprinter Classic [909]
  • Toyota - Corolla [18-], RAV 4 [19-]

Also with 5.28.00 the main coverage in diagnosis comes for “middle age” vehicles. Nearly 60% of all new developed diagnosis functions cover vehicles from 4 to 10 years. This should applicate the daily work in your workshop.

   ACS cars - Calibrate driver assistance systems
Extension of functional range & database

  • Database extension for the camera calibration (ACS cars) for models from Audi, Citroen, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes, Opel, Toyota, Vauxhall
  • New radar calibration function for models from Alfa Romeo, Audi, Fiat, Jeep, Nissan, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen

Radar calibration accessories

  • With the release of the software version 5.28.00 also the accessory Radar Kit 2 for radar calibration is available. This can be used to adjust certain models of the VAG-Group, FCA, Nissan and BMW.

Market launch of ACS cars further national subsidiaries

  • With the software version 5.28.00 the WOW! Tool set "ACS cars" is available for the national subsidiaries in:
    Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria


   Security Gateway Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (FCA)
In cooperation with FCA, important agreements have already been reached regarding the security gateway issue.
A comprehensive press release and a video statement by our managing director Frank Bartsch has recently been published, which will inform you comprehensively about the further development steps.
Video statement   Press release
Forecast Security System Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz will provide various models with their own security gateway. In cooperation with Mercedes Benz we are actively working on a solution to be able to diagnose the models that will be equipped with it in the future.

Read the complete content of this update Read the complete content of this update
Overview vehicle coverage for camera calibration Overview vehicle coverage for camera calibration
Overview vehicle coverage for the calibration of rear view camera systems Overview vehicle coverage for the calibration of rear view camera systems
Overview vehicle coverage for the calibration of environment systems Overview vehicle coverage for the calibration of environment systems
Overview vehicle coverage for radar calibration Overview vehicle coverage for radar calibration



2019 September 24th: Diagnosis intermediate update 5.27.02
Diagnosis update 5.27.02

With version 5.27.02 you get the following program improvements, bug fixes and software enhancements.



  • camera calibration for BMW
  • VAG camera and radar calibration
  • Mercedes service reset
  • and much more


  • Revised vehicle selection
  • Power Repair - The term "Fault Frequency" has been replaced with "Probable Causes"
  • Revised and renewed various help texts and individual links
  • Driver assistance systems with a new icon


   Expansion software function Power Repair
With valid licenses in the section Diagnostics WSD 300 and Technical Data WTI 350 you will receive:
Further repair information:

  • Reference values now with direct comparison between setpoint and actual value from the data list. The comparison is shown in color.
  • We extend the range WSD 300 "Further Repair Information" and "Probable Causes" for all companies, which distribute the WOW! diagnosis. The two key points are available in local language.

Technical data information:

  • Display of components localization (for example engine compartment representation) in a new tab. In many cases linked with a component test.

   ACS cars - Calibrate Driver Assistance Systems
With the software version 5.27.02 the WOW! Tool set "ACS cars" is available in the following countries:
France, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, UK, Ireland
ACS cars from WOW! Würth Online World offers you a flexible and cost-effective system for the calibration of all relevant vehicle brands consisting of hard- and software. The system can be expanded at any time by double-sided, brand-specific calibration plates. Individually and cost-effectively combinable, it will be an indispensable aid in the everyday workshop process. WOW! ACS cars combines both calibration boards for camera calibration and radar calibration units for radar calibration.

   Cyber Security Fiat Chrysler (FCA)
At the moment we are in an initial test phase. This month we want to start the first field test with WOW! users.
Our goal is to provide access by the end of 2019 for all WOW! users.


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2019 July 23rd: Diagnosis update 5.27.00
Diagnosis update 5.27.00

New diagnostic functions are now available for 467 models from 26 manufacturers. The total number of diagnostic vehicles was increased to 1,411 by 70 manufacturers. Looking at the vehicles in terms of their engine types (petrol, diesel, hybrid/electric), the WOW! software contains now more than 13,000 (13,008) different model variants.
The diagnostic update offers improvements for vehicles spanning 23 model years.



   Version numbers adjusted - 5.00.27 becomes 5.27.00
   57 new accesses to electronic systems, divided into 247 different variants
   improvements for vehicles spanning 23 model years

   Milestone 2019: Power Repair
Since version WOW! 5.00.26, the new Power Repair function links fault codes (beginning with the engine drive area) to data related to this fault code. This function enables you to obtain information about fault codes and their elimination online at no additional cost.

License-dependent (WSD 300 and WTI 350) and online-based, technical data and circuit diagrams as well as WOW! information are displayed.
Until now "Power Repair" was only available in Germany, Austria, England and Ireland.
With version 5.27.00 we extend this service to France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Finland and Turkey.

   New: Product ACS cars - Calibrate Driver Assistance Systems
With the software version 5.27.00 the WOW! Calibration System "ACS cars" will be available in Germany. The product will be available in other markets from autumn onwards.
ACS Cars from WOW! Würth Online World offers you a flexible and cost-efficient system for the calibration of all relevant vehicle brands. The system can be extended at any time by double-sided, brand-specific calibration panels.


   e-Mobility - Battery test for high-voltage and hybrid vehicles
Our battery test offers you the possibility to test and document the available capacity of the battery and the condition of each individual battery cell.
With Update WOW! 5.27.00 this function is available for the following vehicle models: Audi, Hyundai, KIA, Smart, VW, Volvo.

   Cyber security Fiat Chrysler (FCA)
In order to avoid the safety risks for the passengers of its vehicles, FCA introduced more extensive cyber-safety measures for the models produced worldwide starting at the end of 2017. Since then, it has only been possible to make changes to vehicle systems (including deleting error codes and changing configurations) using FCA's original tester.


Read the detailed content of this update Read the detailed content of this update

2019 April 3rd: Diagnosis update 5.00.26
Diagnosis update 5.00.26

New functions in the field of diagnostics were realized for 328 models from 29 manufacturers. The total inventory of diagnostic vehicles has been expanded to 1,376 from 70 manufacturers. When considering the vehicles in terms of their types of engines (gasoline, diesel, hybrid / electric) includes the WOW! Software with update 5.00.26 more than 12.100 different model variants.


   19 models have been newly included in the diagnosis
   improvements for vehicles from 20 model years
   e-mobility coverage has been increased, new: Hyundai

From version 5.00.24 to 5.00.26, e-mobility coverage has been increased. There was added a new manufacturer (Hyundai) and 11 new models with diagnostic coverage in all-electric and hybrid systems in the software.


   VIN coverage
The identification of vehicles is becoming more and more complicated with ever more different engine variants in everyday workshop life. The identification by the chassis number in the WOW! Software becomes more comprehensive from version to version to make your everyday life easier.


   Power Repair
From version WOW! 5.00.26, fault codes (starting in the engine area) are linked to data associated with this error code.
The "Power Repair" function is initially active in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and Ireland. Further countries will follow in the second step with the next updates.


   File Export
You use the possibilities of the memory module in the area "customer and vehicle administration"?
From now on, it's easy with the WOW! Diagnostics to import results obtained in an existing customer management program (CMS) and bind to the respective customer file.


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2019 February 21st: Technical data update 5.00.25
Technical data update 5.00.25

   New technical data for 692 model variants of 46 manufacturers
   5.552 individual documents are NEW in the program
   56 models of 12 manufacturers get information about DPF regeneration
   159 models of 35 manufacturers get new labour values
   98 models of 32 manufacturers get battery information (exchange, Hybrid etc.)
   139 models of 29 manufacturers get information about timing belts / chains
   141 models of 35 manufacturers get information about Service Light Reset


The novelties at a glance:


   Get an even better overview - Technical data update icon
You can now see our update news in the area of technical data at a glance.
The blue plus indicates new diagnostic features, the red nut shows you what's new in the Technical Data area.


   Jacking mode - safer while repairing
Use the new jacking mode from now on.
Here you will find more information and warnings for deactivating the air chassis.


   Time saving - Finding the plug location more easily!
From now on we animate our pictures of the plug placements as slide shows.


Read the complete content of this update Read the complete content of this update


2018 November 20th: Diagnosis update 5.00.24
Diagnosis update 5.00.24


New functions in the field of diagnostics were realized for 1,080 models from 62 manufacturers. The total number of vehicles in the area of diagnosis has been expanded to 1,357 out of 70 manufacturers. If these vehicles are considered in terms of their types of engines (gasoline, diesel, hybrid / electric), we come up with more than 12,100 different model variants.


The novelties at a glance:


   12 new models, e.g. transporter TGE of MAN


   new functions of BMW, Citroën, KIA, ...


   Fit for the future: electro mobility
With 37.14% growth in the coverage of the electric models, this future-oriented segment once again recorded the largest increase.


   Battery Health Test
A novelty is our new battery health test. This function will check the available capacity of the high voltage battery.


   DoIP adapter cable – Support of the new diagnostic standard
New in this update - the VOLVO XC40.


Complete content of this update Complete content of this update

2018 June 26th: Diagnosis update 5.00.23

New diagnostic data, coverage of electric models increased, DoIP adapter cable

New functions in the field of diagnostics were realized for 344 models from 33 manufacturers.
The total number of vehicles in the area of diagnosis was extended to 1,295 by 68 manufacturers.


These 27 models have been newly included in the diagnosis:

New models

The diagnostic update offers innovations for vehicles from 39 model years.

From 1980 to 2018, 201 new electronic systems were developed, divided into 777 different var-iants. With the version WOW! 5.00.23 you now have access to 8,719 different systems with 15,206 variants.


Also "old cars" in focus

In the current update, vehicles between the ages of 4-10 take the main share at 36.54%, followed by models with 11-20 years at 32.65%. The vehicle age 0-3 years is 16.91% and all models older than 21 years with 13.90% represented.


Fit for the future

With 11.1% growth in the coverage of electric models, this forward-looking segment once again recorded the largest increase.


DoIP adapter cable - Support of the new diagnostic standard

Until now, this diagnostic adapter cable could only be used for the new VOLVO vehicles.

This update extends support for the new diagnostic standard to Land Rover and Jaguar.


Complete content of this update Complete content of this update

2018 March 27th: Diagnosis update 5.00.22

New and revised diagnostic data

Diagnosis update 5.00.22

This update brings new and revised diagnostic data for 28 manufacturers with a total of 343 different models. The total inventory of diagnostic vehicles has thus been expanded to 1,268 from 68 manufacturers.

Electromobility is on everyone's lips!
Also in the WOW! does this segment receive special attention. With 16.7% growth in system coverage, we are recording the largest increase here.

Expanded Service for our customers!
From now on, the real images of the adapter plugs will be displayed in the connection dialog.

Proof of function for customers and insurance companies!
In the area of functions / adjustment, a "proof of function" is offered after coding, which the user can print and save. With this, the “proof of function” for coding can be printed out. Therefore, the user gets a credible confirmation and can serve it as proof for customers and insurance companies.


Complete content of the update Complete content of the update

2018 March 1st: Technical data update 5.00.21
Technical data update 5.00.21

This update brings new and revised specifications for 18 manufacturers with a total of 51 new models.


The total stock of vehicles in the technical data area has thus been increased to 1,511 out of 74 manufacturers.


More than 5,000 technical documents are new or have been expanded.


More than 1,300 documents have been extended or added to existing vehicles in the previous version.


Among other things, data for repair times, maintenance schedules, tire pressure monitoring systems, circuit diagrams, wheel alignment, fault codes and much more were integrated into the program.



To ensure the continuous use and security of the data, we have built an automatic backup process into the software. Before the new update is installed, a backup of the complete WOW! Software is created, which is the basis for a recovery in case of failure are available.


The entire process is time-optimized so as not to lengthen the update process unnecessarily. If you cancel the process for your own reasons or if there is not enough space available (minimum 10GB necessary), appropriate dialogs are displayed. The process can be aborted or continued at any time.


The already received update is only installed after the successful creation of the backup. In this way, recovery of the previous version is ensured in the event of an error so that you remain able to work.


WOW! Software Recovery

To start the backup process, in the Windows start menu, in the WOW! Software folder we have built a new entry. By clicking on "WOW! Software Recovery" the process starts automatically.


Short description for the recovery process and the complete details of the update 5.00.21 Short description for the recovery process and the complete details of the update 5.00.21

2017 December 5th: Diagnosis update 5.00.20

new functions and program improvements

Diagnosis update 5.00.20

The update 5.00.20 includes 25 manufactures with overall 246 models and round about 12.000 new or extended features.


With this diagnosis update we support 8386 vehicle system types with 14.207 variations of 67 manufactures with 1.252 models.


Especially the market segment of the four till ten year old verhicles which is used by the most of our customers is represented by a share of 60 %.


Examples of the new functions: 
Audi A4[16-]Particle filter regeneration
Citroën Berlingo Series 3 [08-]Key coding
Fiat Panda [12-]Clutch calibration
Jeep Cherokee [14-]Calibration, Camera, Driver assistance systems
Mercedes B-Class [W246]Normalisation panoramic sunroof
Opel Karl VivaCalibration, Camera, Driver assistance systems
Peugeot Expert 4 [17-]Substitute turbocharger
Renault Laguna IIIVenting hydraulic unit / brake circuit
Škoda YetiBattery coding
Volkswagen Beetle IITire pressure measuring systems
Volvo V90 [17-]Parking brake servicemode

Furthermore we first-time introduce the so called DoIP diagnosis for Volvo V90.
Based on this new technology of the manufactures we support the Volvo models S90 [17-], V90 [17-], V90 Cross Country [17-], XC60 [18-] and XC90 [16-] with our diagnosis.


Please note that this new communication technology requires the new adapter cable “W074 002 631 – DoIP”, which will be available on December 2017. A popup in the software will inform you about the adapter cable if its use is necessary in the diagnosis process.



   New features at first sight! As of now we point all innovations in the software out to you with this new icon. Wherever you will find this icon you can be sure: This function/feature was not there before.


Screen Powersearch with plus icon
2017 June 27th: Car diagnosis update 5.00.19

database and program improvements

Car diagnosis update 5.00.19

The new diagnostic database has brought a noticeable expansion and renewal of diagnostic options for 33 manufacturers and 328 models.


In this update the tire pressure control systems with 3% increase in system coverage were significantly improved.


Update information Update information

This diagnostic update expands your vehicle database with entries in the model years between 2000 and 2017!
Service-relevant work is becoming increasingly important in these older model years:

  • Alfa Romeo 166, MY 2000, Lateral and longitudinal acceleration sensor calibration
  • Fiat Multipla [98-03], TPMS calibration
  • Mercedes CLK [W208], MY 2002, Reset adaptions for automatic gearbox


Other new features include:
BMW X5 [E53]Oil change, automatic gearbox
Dacia DusterCruise control / Speed limiter programming
Fiat Punto [99-02]Particulate filter regeneration
Ford Ka+ [16-]Longitudinal acceleration sensor calibration
Infiniti Q50 [13-]Clutch point learning
Mazda Mazda6 [13-]Forward sensing camera
Opel MerivaCalibration servo mechanism
Peugeot 5008 [10-17]Xenon calibration
Renault Laguna IIISave clutch pedal programming
Volkswagen Passat VIII [15-]Gateway control unit coding

A total of 20.724 different new features have been implemented with this update! Thus, our diagnosis system can now diagnose 8.317 different vehicle systems in 14.075 different variants in 67 manufacturers with 1.240 models!


All the new contents and functionalities as well as the complete diagnostic coverage can be found in your software by clicking the „Help“ button as well as on the WOW! Website.




   As part of the continuous improvement of the WOW! Software we introduced a new control panel in the menu. A [Home] button will take you to the WOW home page in the future!


With the introduction of the so-called [Tooltips], the operation of the software becomes easier and self-explanatory, as far as the function of the buttons is concerned. Simply move the mouse pointer over the button and the function is displayed!


2017 May 23rd: Technical data update 5.00.18



The database of the technical data was extended to 522 models.

Technical data update 5.00.18

The database of the technical data was extended to 522 models.


Among the revised models are manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Opel as well as import vehicles such as Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru or Toyota with petrol, diesel, or electric motors.

The categories which were reworked and added:

  • Wiring diagrams
  • Component location
  • Service schedules
  • Timing belts / Timing chains instructions


An extract from the data can be found in the overview overview

2017 March 28th: Car diagnosis update 5.00.17

Your diagnosis - your updates


Get to know now the new functions of update 5.00.17

Diagnosis update 5.00.17

The new diagnostic update 5.00.17 is now online and you get many new functions for the professional vehicle diagnosis of older and new models.


The additions in total are 33 manufacturers and 239 models.


This diagnostic update expands your vehicle database with entries in the model years between 1994 and 2017! For example, the Volkswagen Passat IV was equipped with the following new functions in the 1994-1996 model years:


  • Cruise control de/activate
  • Brake bleeding
  • Dynamic pump adjustment
  • Throttle position adjustment
  • Key coding


The "Electro mobility" area is experiencing an increase of 8% with this update! Several models from VAG will be able to encode the high-voltage battery charging control module. The Toyota Prius [16-] get a maintenance mode for the hybrid control system.


Here is an extract of some new functions of update 5.00.17:
Alfa Romeo 156Exchange Airflowmeter
Audi A3 [13-]Camera calibration
BMW 3-series [E46]Particle filter regeneration
Citroën C4 [11-]Throttle position calibration
Fiat BarchettaInjector coding
Ford B-max [12-]Configuration trailer hook
Infiniti FX [08-13]Steering angle sensor calibration
Jeep RenegadeParticle filter regeneration
LADA LargusSteering angle sensor calibration
Mazda CX-3Forward camera calibration
Mercedes E-Class [W212]Programming wheel-sensor ID
Opel CascadaThrottle position learning
Peugeot 3008Exchange battery
Renault CapturParticle filter regeneration
Smart Roadster [452]Set clutch release point
Volvo S60 Cross CountryRadar calibration

Your WOW! diagnostic system is now able to diagnose 8.278 different vehicle systems in 13.983 different variants in 67 manufacturers with 1.225 models!

2017 January 4th: Diagnosis update 5.00.16

More models - more functions


With this new update the new diagnostic database involves noticeably extended and renewed diagnostic options for 48 manufacturers.

Electrical mobility

In total 22,278 new different functionalities were implemented in this update!

Now the total diagnostic potential of your diagnostic system with the new Update 5.00.16 is:

67 manufacturer
1.152 models
13.826 different varieties


Update information Update information

New and revised models in Update 5.00.16
Alfa RomeoGiulia
AudiQ7 [15-]
BMWX1 [F48]
FiatTipo [15-]; Egea; Talento; 124 Spider; Fullback
FordTourneo Courier [14-]; Tourneo Custom [13-]; Edge
HyundaiTucson [15-]
InfinitiQ40 [14-15]; Q50 [13-]; Q60 [13-]; Q70 [13-]; QX50 [13-]; QX60 [13-]; QX70 [13-]; QX80 [13-]; QX56 [08-13]
More models you'll find in the update information



Newly added for example: Engine Flash diagnosis of different Opel and Vauxhall models produced in 1986.




With this update the field of "electrical mobility" is growing by 8 %!


Newly added for example: Toyota model Mirai and the 2016 produced Prius with diagnostic functions.


All the new contents and functionalities as well as the complete diagnostic coverage can be found in your software by clicking the "Help" button.


An extract from further innovations:
Alfa Romeo GiuliettaTow hook
BMW 6-series [F06/12/13]Workshop mode parking brake
Citroën C5 Serie 3 [08-]Battery replacement
Dacia Sandero IIInjector programming
Ford Ranger [12-]Injector programming
Hyundai i40 [11-]Key programming
Infiniti Q40 [14-15]Reset learning values
Jeep RenegadeCalibration radar
Mercedes SL [R231]AdBlue tank level
More models you'll find in the update information
Car diagnosis update 5.00.15

Troubleshooting at the highest level!


The new diagnostic update 5.00.15 keeps 6.859 new different functionalities available. The diagnostic options of 32 manufacturers have been extended and renewed.


Car diagnosis update 5.00.15

With the new update 5.00.15 your diagnostic system is able to diagnose 8,114 different vehicle systems in 13,561 different varieties of 67 manufactures with 1,173 models.


Release information of this update Release information of this update

Older model yearsThe database has also been updated with new data for older cars such as the Volvo models 240, 740, 850 or 940 with extended blink diagnosis. The serial diagnosis of the Alfa Romeo 33 has been improved as well (3-pin Fiat-adapter cable).
Model years 1989-2016The data basis of the diagnostic entries was extended or edited. This concerns 28 model years.
Newest model yearsSophisticated systems of the latest vehicle technology are also a factor in the new update. For example the databse has been extended by adjustment possibilities for the headlight leveling of the LED light of Opel and Vauxhall Astra K.
New models in this update


• Mazda CX-3

• Mazda MX-5 [15-]

• Mercedes E-Class [W213]

• MG MG6

• Opel Astra K

• Skoda Superb III

• Suzuki SX4 [14-]

• Kia Cee’d [16-]

• SsangYong Rexton [12-]

• SsangYong Tivoli

• Vauxhall Astra K



We take service seriously – in the day-to-day work as well as in the diagnosis update 5.00.15

The following examples give you a little insight in the performance of your diagnostic system in the service area:
Audi A1Adjustment of the lighting settings
Audi A5Parking brake service operations
Citroën NemoProgramming the clutch pedal
Fiat 500XProgramming the injectors
Ford S-max [15-]Lane Departure Warning Camera adjustment drive
Hyundai i20 [15-]Accelerator calibration
Mercedes Vito [447]Particle filter regeneration
Opel MokkaProgramming the battery sensor module
Peugeot 5008Programming of the clutch grinding point
Renault Kangoo IIVenting of the hydraulic and breaking circuit
Škoda Superb IIIVenting of the cooling system
VW Touareg IICode trailer function