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The number of electric cars on the roads is increasing. Given the e-mobility initiatives of various car manufacturers, it can be assumed that the number will grow steadily in the coming years. As early as 2030, about 1/3 of all vehicles will be e-cars - and the trend is rising. This presents workshops with the task of integrating the servicing of electric vehicles into their portfolio.

The sooner garages start converting to an electric vehicle workshop, the better and smoother the transition will be.

Saftey equipment e-vehicle

Will the use of electric vehicles bring less work for the workshop?

Yes, oil changes and other work of the traditional garage are no longer necessary in a modern electric car workshop.

However, the maintenance effort for hybrid vehicles remains about the same. Even fully electric vehicles need functioning battery and thermal management systems, complex sensor technology for assistance systems, brakes, chassis and comfort systems that need to be maintained, checked and repaired if necessary. The right investments in training and equipment play a crucial role for the future of the workshop.

The vehicle electronics and the necessary work on high-voltage systems require a well thought-out safety concept, tools specially designed for electric vehicles and workshop equipment that meets the requirements for these vehicles. For this work, reliable diagnostic equipment, calibration systems and air conditioning service equipment are of great importance for the workshop.

At WOW! we are convinced that with the right partners, training and tools, a workshop can cope with the trend of electric mobility and open up profit-generating business areas.

Maintenance and repair of the battery and thermal management system

Especially expensive in high-voltage/electric vehicles are the battery systems. The performance of the vehicles' battery systems depends on each individual cell of the battery. This means that the individual "cell voltages" must be properly assessed by the workshop and the entire battery management system must be reliably and safely tested and repaired. To put it briefly: the proper and reliable diagnosis and repair of the vehicle must be guaranteed.

E-Mobility has been a focus for years at WOW! Diagnostic development

The diagnostic system DIALOOQ currently covers 249 different vehicle models from 33 manufacturers* in the field of high-voltage – tendency with increasing with every LOOQIT software update. As of April 2023, TESLA is included as a manufacturer with Model S [2012-] and Model X [2015-].

Among other things, mechanics can read out service data, program new batteries, check the battery status and use the OBFCM interface. The WOW! Diagnosis provides a "High Voltage / Hybrid" button in the software. This combines several functions. First and foremost, it serves to indicate that this vehicle may contain high-voltage systems.

There are currently two functions* behind the button.

* Software version 5.37.00 (April 2023)

Information on the high-voltage battery (technical information)

  • Where is the battery located?
  • Which safety instructions must be followed?
  • Is any special equipment or tool required?
  • How can the battery be disconnected from the vehicle in order to ensure safe working?

Certificate form for proper preparation of the vehicle

After the vehicle has been prepared according to the relevant regulations, an online checklist can be used to fill in and print out a form that provides everyone with information about the condition of the vehicle. If a diagnostic system scan has already been carried out, data such as chassis number and mileage are transferred to the form. All fields can be filled in, and the date and time are taken from the system.


The significance of the A/C system for the vehicle's full functionality is increasing

The air conditioning system in the e-vehicle is changing from a comfort system to an essential component for the e-drive. The thermal management system not only cools the vehicle interior, the drive, the battery and the control units, but also acts as a heat pump and heats all relevant systems if required.

If the thermal management system fails or has defects, the vehicle may come to a complete standstill.

AC service on e vehicles
Stay COOL when it comes to e-mobility and A/C service

Air-conditioning service is developing from a seasonal to a year-round business and service field for workshops. For workshops, it is important to inform themselves early on about new technologies such as heat pumps in e-vehicles and to position themselves as service providers. Offering a reliable air-conditioning service is therefore crucial for the success of the workshop in the e-sector.

The WOW! COOLIUS A/C service units offer exactly that.

They represent fully automatic, time-saving air-conditioning service for all vehicle types. Including thermal management systems of e-vehicles.


  • Ready for use in hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Useful and important accessories such as hermetically sealed oil tanks
  • Comprehensive range for refrigerants R134a, R1234yf and R744 / CO2
  • Outstanding mobility thanks to compact dimensions and toolless scale lock.
  • Resource-saving thanks to refrigerant recovery of almost 100%.
  • Use of high-quality components for a long service life

New business field for all workshops: CO2as a refrigerant

More and more manufacturers are relying on CO2 heat pumps (e.g. Mercedes, VW, Skoda, Audi) - A/C service on these vehicles could soon be part of everyday workshop life. It' s worth thinking about securing this new business field at an early stage and positioning yourself as a specialist. WOW! and Würth offer advice, training and the right tools for all refrigerant and air conditioning services. We support you with the right equipment in the field of e-mobility.

E-mobility all-round concept from Würth & WOW!*

Complex systems only remain complex if you don't know the right people to contact. Würth and WOW! offer you flexible tools and the right working materials in the field of battery and thermal management so that you can become an electric vehicle expert.

In the field of e-mobility, we offer you a fully comprehensive "e-mobility concept" that includes everything important for working on and with electric vehicles:

  • Shut-off systems
  • Safety tools
  • Protective equipment
  • Training / courses
  • Workshop equipment in the field of diagnostics, A/C service & calibration
  • Expert hotline in the area of diagnostics, calibration and A/C service
  • Accessories, consumables and spare parts supply
  • Service technicians in the field

* Availability of products and services may vary per country. Get into contact with your Würth national subsidiary for information about the scope of services.