WAC 2000 entry - (Art.no. W050200025)


Please note that some parts only exist in the exploded drawings but not in the spare parts table.

These parts can not be ordered separately!

To maintenance parts To maintenance parts

PosArticle No.DesignationSerial-No.Picture
1W052200070Solenoid valveall 
2W052200070Solenoid valveall 
4W052200070Solenoid valveall 
8W052200019Fan with cableall 
110707764052Filter drierall 
13W052200070Solenoid valveall 
140707764034Heater on the bottle 400Wall 
170900900603Safety swicthall 
180900900613Safety valveall 
19W052200070Solenoid valveall 
21W052200077Low pressure gaugeall 
22W052200078High pressure gaugeall 
23W052200019Fan with cableall 
27W052200070Solenoid valveall 
29W052200070Solenoid valveall 
310707764006Check valveall 
320707764006Check valveall 
33W052200079Check valveall 
34W052200079Check valveall 
35W052200079Check valveall 
370707764006Check valveall 
390707764006Check valveall 
410707764235Refrigerant load cellall 
420707764232Oil PAG load cellall 
450707764232Uv load cellall 
460707764232Oil discharge load cellall 
47W052200248LP quick couplerall 
48W052200249HP quick couplerall 
52W052200082Oil PAG dosimeter with capall  
55W052200082UV dosimeter with capall  
56W052200082Oil drain bottle with capall  
 W067200019Oil / UV bottle with couplerall  
57W052200083Low pressure hoseall 
58W052200084High pressure hoseall 
 W052200196Connector service hoses unitall 
64W052200089Oil discharge capillary hose (in)all 
65W052200089Oil discharge capillary hose (out)all 
66W052200089Low pressure gauge capillary hoseall 
67W052200089High pressure gauge capillary hoseall 
68W052200089Refrigerant charge capillary hoseall 
71W052200089UV charge capillary hoseall 
72W052200089Safety valve capillary hoseall 
73W052200089Oil PAG charge capillary hoseall 
740707764220Vacuum hoseall 
75W052200090Power cable (Europa Standard)all 
76W052200001Main switch all 
79764 95 002Paper for printerall 
80W052200197Console completeall 
81W052200198Frame cardall 
82W052200094Power supplyall 
890707764214Wheel Ø 20cmall 
90W052200111Rotating wheelall 
93W052200028Pressure transducerall 
960900900607 Spring for heaterall 
 W052200110USB cableall 

Maintenance parts

PosArticle No.DesignationSerial-No.Picture
 0900800609Maintenance kitall  
 0707764052Filter dryerall  
 0900900605Discharge oil filterall  
 W052200123Seal 3/8"all  
 W052200122Seal 1/4"all  
 W052200279Seal screw1 incl. seal ringall  
 W052200280Seal screw2all  
 W052200281Seal ringall  
 0892764300Wurth vacuum pump oil ISO 12 - 2 pcs to order!all