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On this site you'll find spareparts for the calibration tool ACS cars.

You can directly, easily and uncompliated order the needed items by phone at our hotline with the number +49 7940 / 981 88 - 8188 or via e-mail

ACS cars

Pos Article No. Designation Serial-No. Picture
1 W074220000 Adjustment rail for Targets top all   
2 W074220001 Adjustment rail for Targets bottom all   
3 W074224000 Cross rail for ACS Hunter left all  
4 W074224001 Cross rail for ACS Hunter reight all  
12 W074224003 Cross line laser (Huepar Box-1) all   
13 W074224004 Cross line laser CLL11 all   
14 W074224005 Cross line laser CLL18 all   
15 W074224006 Tape measure (no Branding) all   
16 W074224007 Tape measure 2K-PT18 all   
17 W074224008 Wheel clamp all   
18 W074224009 Spirit level Sola all   
19 W074224010 Set of Targetscrews white (8 pcs.) all   
20 W074224011 Set of Targetscrews black (8 pcs.) all   
21 W074224012 Laser carrier bars left and right including laser units all   
22 W074224013 Mirror scale unit left all   
23 W074224014 Mirror scale unit reight all   
24 W074224015 Set of tape measure holders (4 pieces) all   
25 W074224016 Set double profile claws (4 pieces) all   
26 W074224017 Holder for wheel clamp all   
27 W074224018 Set screws laser carrier bar (8 pieces) all   
28 W074224019 Castor all  
29 W074224020 Handle all   
30 W074224021 Repair kit wheel long axis all  
31 W074224022 Repair kit wheel short axis all  
32 W074224023 Holder for cross line laser CLL11 all   
33 W074224024 Holder for cross line laser CLL18 all   
34 W074224025 Measuring Stick all   
35 W074224400 Target holder individually (without accessories) all  
Pos Article No. Designation Serial-No. Picture
  W074221000 Distancelaser Holo 20 all   
  W074221005 Holder Holo 20 Distancelaser TFR-2 all   

Calibration mats

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Pos Article No. Designation Serial-No. Picture
  W074222001 Storage bag TAV-1 all   
  W074222002 End strips (set 2 pcs) all