Engine speed sensing

On this site you'll find spareparts for engine speed sensing.

You can directly, easily and uncompliated order the needed items by phone at our hotline with the number +49 7940 / 981 88 - 8188 or via e-mail hotline@wow-portal.com.

Article No.DesignationSerial-No.Picture
0900300529Battery cable E-Box, 8,0 mall 
0900300702Battery cable WGA3 & DTB, 4,0 m all 
W028200002Battery cable WGA3 & DTB, 1,5 mall 
0900300706Battery cable WGA3 & DTB, cigarette lighterall 
0900300328Triggerzange E-Boxall 
0900300703Triggerzange WGA3 & DTBall 
0900300527Temperatursonde E-Boxall 
W029200015Temperatursonde WGA3 & DTBall