Passing on, exchanging and winning know-how, but above all helping you to understand, maintain and repair vehicles even better - that's what we want with our digital WOW! HOW shows.

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Faster to repair success with WOW! vehicle diagnosis 
  • WOW! Software highlights at a glance
  • WOW! POWER REPAIR - the fast way to repair
  • WOW! Solution for vehicles with security gateway
  • Outlook for upcoming diagnostic functions

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Calibrate camera and radar systems easily and quickly with WOW! ACS cars
  • Why calibration is important
  • Live demonstration calibration with WOW! ACS cars
  • Outlook further development WOW! ACS cars calibration accessories

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COOLIUS – the right A/C service unit for every range of service
  • COOLIUS series for all refrigerants
  • Range of service areas (cars, vans, commercial vehicles, construction site vehicles and agricultural vehicles)
  • COOLIUS accessories

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Air conditioning service as a lucrative service with WOW! COOLIUS
  • Air conditioning service for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Almost 100% refrigerant recovery: That saves money, time and refrigerant
  • Faster and easier transport of the COOLIUS A/C devices
  • Intuitive and time-saving selection of data with COOLIUSSelect

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Our COOLIUS series and the matching accessories
  • Why an analyser?
  • Nitrogen/forming gas test with the COOLIUS 50 series
  • When does a system have to be flushed?
  • How can I dispose of contaminated refrigerant?

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More WOW! HOW?

WOW! Diagnosis software Login Security Gateway

Security Gateway

With the release of the Diagnostic Update 5.29.00 it is now possible to perform a full diagnosis on vehicles of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (FCA).

The connection dialogue to FCA appears automatically as soon as an SGW is detected in the vehicle.

POWER REPAIR - from the fault code to technical data


Don't waste time searching for information and data to repair - use the suggested information and get the vehicle back on the road faster!

Through the use and real-time comparison of the most diverse, modern data sources, the fault codes read out in the WOW! Vehicle diagnosis are enhanced with target-oriented information.

WOW! Diagnostic


WOW! is tailor-made diagnostic software with a wide range of brands - exactly matching your workshop operation and your requirements and expandable at any time with technical data modules.

Learn more about the diagnostic highlights, e.g. Power Package, Power Repair and more.

Calibrating driver assistance systems - With ACS cars

ACS cars

WOW! ACS cars offers you a 100% manufacturer-conform, flexible and cost-effective system for the static calibration of all relevant vehicle brands. Ideal system for independent workshops, auto glass operations, car body workshops and tire dealers.

Together with the WOW! iQ diagnostic systems ACS cars is the optimal solution for the demanding everyday workshop life.