Battery Check

WOW! Battery Check powered by AVILOO

The future of mobility is electric!


With the increasing importance and rapid development of electromobility, determining the state of health of an electric battery is becoming increasingly important.

The high-voltage battery (HV battery) is the most expensive component of an electric vehicle and is therefore decisive for the vehicle value (up to 50%). This is particularly true for the used car trade. However, potential buyers are still holding back and are skeptical about the suitability and longevity of the vehicles.

It is therefore essential for workshops and used vehicle dealers to be able to test and assess the functionality of the battery.

WOW! and AVILOO partnership

WOW! has recognized the high potential and is cooperating with AVILOO, the Austrian market and innovation leader in the field of battery data analysis, so that you are ideally equipped for the future of mobility.

WOW! Battery Check


Determine the functionality of the traction batteries quickly an easily with the comprehensive WOW! Battery Check!


All you need for the battery check is the communication interface and the AVILOO web application on a mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet).

Use is independent of the device and operating system, as the web application can be opened in any browser on the end device.

Future workshop
Good reasons

for the WOW! Battery Check

  • A lot inside: High vehicle coverage (29 vehicle manufacturers)
  • Super fast: the battery check is done in approximately 3 minutes
  • Very simple: connect the communication interface, start the app and just lean back.The test provides a comprehensive analysis of the functionality of the traction battery without moving the vehicle
  • Comprehensive battery check with 4 test categories and 20 parameters: The test checks the use and history of the high-voltage battery, performance, high-voltage battery control unit and vehicle communication
Battery Check VCI
Your benefits

with the WOW! Battery Check

  • Manufacturer-independent and CARA approved
  • Comprehensive test report
  • Higher and faster sales revenue
  • Strengthening professional competence
  • Strengthening customer trust and loyalty

In just 3 steps and 3 minutes

to the WOW! Battery Check!


1. Connect the communication interface to the OBD interface of the vehicle

2. The LED display on the communication interface flashes yellow and the battery check begins

3. After approximately 3 minutes, the LED indicator lights up green continuously, indicating that the battery check is complete


The WOW! Battery Check test report is then automatically sent to the e-mail address provided.

Flash Test Report

The test report lists the so-called AVILOO score, which is based on the evaluation of four test categories.
The second page contains the detailed results of the tests carried out and the execution protocol.

The test report also provides information on whether the battery check was successful, whether there is a problem with a safety risk or whether a signal check has failed.

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