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WOW! In.sight – The live video support solution for everyone

Do you need help repairing a car? No problem - we support you as if we were directly on site!

The video support solution WOW! In.sight offers you fast, professional and direct help in the event of problems in the workshop. The service team can see exactly what you as the user have in front of you via live image transmission and video stream. All you need is a mobile device, e.g. a smartphone or laptop, and a stable internet connection. So you can explain and show exactly where you need support through words, pictures and video.

Our service team will help you to find a solution through options such as visible representations, setting signals and hints in direct chat.

With WOW! In.sight, live video support becomes a concrete service benefit

Live and solution-oriented
Live and solution-oriented

Thanks to live image transmission and video stream, you can commuicate current repair cases quickly and easily with our service team experts. From there you will receive help - also live - directly on your screen.

Easy and fast
Easy and fast

The use is independent of device and operating system, i.e. no additional installation of an app is necessary. The only requirement is a good and stable internet connection.

Direct and flexible
Direct and flexible

The video support solution is the direct and innovative way to contact your customers or external employees, whether in the field of Hotline, Sales, Aftersales, Technical Support or wherever a live connection can help quickly and easily.

WOW! In.sight as Software-as-a-Service solution

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