November 2019 | Current Information | FCA Security Gateway

Development partnership between FCA and WOW! Würth Online World GmbH in matters of Security Gateway (SGW) agreed.

Modern vehicles are being equipped by manufacturers with ever more comprehensive comfort and assistance systems. Whether in the field of entertainment or safety - many of these innovations and further developments make driving more pleasant and safer for all of us.

A disadvantage of this increasing connectivity is the vulnerability of such systems to unauthorized attacks by third parties - similar to modern computers or smartphones. This is why vehicle manufacturers have been working for some time on solutions to prevent hacker attacks.

This also means, however, that the diagnosis in the workshop can no longer be carried out fully and easily via on-board diagnosis (OBD).

The most prominent example is currently the automobile manufacturer FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.), which since 2017 has already equipped some of the latest models with a so-called "Security Gateway" (SGW) - a kind of "vehicle firewall". FCA thus locks out all non-authenticated workshops.

Therefore WOW! in cooperation with FCA develops a sustainable and easy to use software integration of the authentication process into WOW! diagnostic system. Thus, the latest FCA models will continue to be diagnosed in the future.

Test phase and software adjustments necessary

In order to integrate the special verification procedure into the software, programming adjustments and an extensive test phase are necessary. The functional release is planned for spring 2020.

Statement by Managing Director Frank Bartsch