WOW! DIAGNOSTIC - Software & Hardware Solutions for Car Service & Repair

  • Tailor-made diagnostic software with a wide range of brands - exactly matching your workshop operation and your requirements
  • Expandable at any time with technical data modules
  • Online updateable, within the contract period you will receive each update immediately upon availability

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The new diagnostic interface - available in autumn 2021


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WOW! DIAGNOSTIC Highlight functions

the TOP WOW! function
You can‘t know everything, you just have to know where to find what you need. And as quickly as possible. Workshops should earn their money with customer service and not lose time in troubleshooting. With POWER REPAIR you find the shortest way to the repaired vehicle.
Diagnostic functions exactly for your
time-consuming working day. With the WOW! FLIGHTRECORDER you can record mobile data during the test drive - without a co-driver. All you have to do is plug in the WOW! Diagnostic Interface Snooper+ and start driving.
Intuitive finding instead of searching with the function Power Search, all you have to do is enter the most important data (vehicle identification number / engine code).
Type-specific software already during
the scanning of the vehicle. The function Power Scan not only querys all systems at the push of a button, it also selects adapted versions for different areas of application, regardless of whether it is for service acceptance, inspection, overall check or the quick scan.
Our intuitively operated customer database goes without saying. With iQ Memory we offer you a tool for fast customer service and better customer loyalty through transparent diagnosis and centralized management of diagnostic data.

The right power for your daily workshop routine

WOW! Power Package WSD 300 and WTI 350 consisting of

  • Software modul WSD 300:
    Basic module for diagnostic function and vehicle data updates, new software functions
    provides access to the advanced repair information of the highlight function POWER REPAIR
  • Technical Data Combi Package WTI 350:
    For technical information and data for maintenance, inspection and service, engine, ABS, brake, comfort systems and much more
    allows access to the technical data information of the Highlight function POWER REPAIR

Full functionality with the WOW! Updates

With the WOW! Updates and active software licences you get the full performance and functionality of the WOW! Software.

The software highlights and technical data described above are dependent on an active licence and the regular updating of the software.



Overview WOW! software licenses*

WOW! Diagnosis base module
WSD 300 Snooper+ diagnosis Order No. W015 000 007
Keeps your diagnostic system always up to date with the latest developments


WOW! Glass Repair Software Package
WSD 60 Order No. W015 000 600
Single module for performing static and dynamic calibrations
  • Vehicle diagnostic protocols
  • Communication with the driver assistance systems of the vehicle
  • Coding, calibration, basic settings of the sensors and camera systems


Technical information
WTI 350 Combination package** Order No. W015 000 350
Consisting of:


Technical Information single licenses**
* Please be aware that the license packages are dependent on the respective distribution countries and are therefore not everywhere available.
** Technical data licenses are optional or can be purchased individually. In addition to the WSD 300, we recommend the combination package WTI 350 for full use of the Power Repair function.
WTI 100 Technical information SERVICE Order No. W015 000 009
  • Maintenance plans according to manufacturer specifications
  • Maintenance figures / wheel adjustment data / Tyre pressures
  • Filling quantities / tightening torques / lubricants
  • Timing Belts / Chains Information / V-ribbed Belt
  • Pollen filter information
  • and much more besides

WTI 200 Technical information DIAGNOSIS Order No. W015 000 010
  • Circuit diagrams (engine / airbag / air conditioning)
  • Engine management / component description / component testing
  • Pin assignment control unit / measured values inputs and outputs
  • Components Location plan (engine compartment)
  • and much more besides

WTI 50 Technical information COMFORT Order No. W015 000 013
  • Circuit diagrams (window lifter / mirror / central locking / chassis / exterior interior
    lighting / instruments / mass points / window heater / starting system)
  • Supported troubleshooting - Troubleshooting help
  • Electric parking brake
  • and much more besides

WTI 20 Working values SPECIAL Order No. W015 000 012
  • Detailed working values
  • Joint working hours
  • Description of individual work steps

WOW! Diagnostic systems - combining soft- and hardware

Diagnostic interface
Wireless diagnostic interface with Bluetooth connectivity
Diagnostic system
iQ 150
Ultra-flexible diagnostic system that can be used as a tablet or laptop
Diagnostic system
iQ 350
Industrial tablet for working in different environments
Diagnostic system
iQ 400
Currently not available! The successor device will be presented in summer 2021


Calibration tool
ACS cars
Calibration and adjustment of driver assistance systems
2 channel oscilloscope
Measuring of signals and variables
4 channel oscilloscope
Measuring of signals and variables
diagnostic trolley
Perfect equipment for the well-conceived diagnostic workstation