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Modern driver assistance systems are increasingly being used in cars and vans to improve the safety and comfort of vehicle occupants. Whether distance control or lane departure warning, the systems must be regularly checked and calibrated to ensure accurate and safe operation.

WOW! ACS cars offers you a 100% manufacturer-conform, flexible and cost-effective system for the static calibration* of all relevant vehicle brands. Ideal system for independent workshops, auto glass operations, car body workshops and tire dealers. Together with the WOW! iQ diagnostic systems ACS cars is the optimal solution for the demanding everyday workshop life.

*the dynamic calibration can be performed using the WOW! diagnostic software

Time saver and money maker Time saver and money maker


With a little practice, you can calibrate driver assistance systems from now on in approx. 10 - 15 minutes. With current systems, you presently need in average 20 - 25 minutes. More calibrations in less time leads to higher sales.

One-man service instead of group work One-man service instead of group work


Designed for easy handling by a lifting lever for lowering the manoeuvring wheels, the movable calibration board holder with safe spring mechanism (camera calibration) and the quickly adjustable laser carrier (radar calibration).

Exact universal calibration of all relevant car brands Exact universal calibration of all relevant car brands


WOW! ACS cars brings maximum flexibility for you. The system is expandable at any time by doubleside printed, brand-specific calibration boards. It is flexible not only for brands but also for vehicle sizes - from a small car to a transporter - with self-centered wheel clamps for 11 - 25 inch transporter*.

*not for dual tires, max. adjustable height of the calibration board holder 1.85 m

Calibrates driver assistance systems almost by itself

Mobile trolley


Mobile use of the system through trolley with manoeuvring unit

Setting calibration board


Setting the calibration board holder (up to 1.85 m; also for transporters) for camera calibration

Wheel clamps


Quick installation of the self-centered wheel clamps to 11 - 15 inch wheels

WOW! ACS Cars | W074200000

WOW! ACS cars

Powder-coated, height-adjustable, spring-balanced calibration board carrier (1.0 m to 1.85 m) respectively trolley with manoeuvring wheels, handle and knurled screw

Height adjustable and separable laser carrier (0.27 m to 1.0 m) with additional fine adjustment with two mounted laser pointers

Measuring scale for height adjustment of calibration board holder and laser carrier

Two self-centered four point-wheel clamps (for 11 - 25 inch wheel)

Case with following equipment:
line laser, measuring tape, laser viewing glasses, two mirror/coil units and measuring tape holders

Optional extensions

WOW! ACS cars

Calibration board VW + MB | Art.Nr. W074210000
double-sided printed

Calibration board Renault + PSA | Art.Nr. W074210001
double-sided printed

Calibration board FCA + Alfa | Art.Nr. W074210002
double-sided printed

Calibration board Nissan + Mazda 1 | Art.Nr. W074210003
double-sided printed

Calibration board Mitsubishi + Mazda 2 | Art. Nr. W074210004*
Two panels separated and double-sided printed

Calibration board Toyota 1 + Toyota 2 | Art. Nr. W074210005*
One board, double-sided printed

Radar Kit 2 | Art. Nr. W074211001
Reflector (reflector plate, holding device and distance laser)

Target adjustment rail | Art. Nr. W074210008
Two-piece: one rail at the top and one rail at the bottom

*Calibration panel can only be used in combination with adjustment rail.

Vehicle coverage | Stand: Diagnosis update 5.31.00

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Status product information PDF October 2020. We reserve the right to change models and adaptations, errors and other changes.


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