Flushing Kit FK500

ART. NO. W067 100 010

Flushing kit FK500


The flushing kit enables the flushing of the refrigerant circuit for air conditioning systems with refrigerant R1234YF and R134A.

Consisting of:

  • Adapter for different refrigerants
  • Adapter for different threaded connections
  • Micro-Filter
Easy handling - fast application
  • Fully automatic flushing in the circuit with liquid refrigerant against the flow direction of the A/C Systems in car - adapter or adapter kit required (available from the respective vehicle manufacturer)
  • Very high flow rate during rinsing and therefore high cleaning performance of the A/C system
  • 1 filter that can easily be replaced after 5 cycles
Flexible for different needs
  • Can be used for the refrigerant R134A and the new refrigerant R1234YF
  • Can also be used for air conditioners with different threaded connections

    product information
Technical data
TypeR134-R1234FK 5L
Refrigerant tank~ 5000 ml
RefrigerantR134A and R1234YF
Max. operating pressure20 bar
Number of filters1
Max. ambient temperature50° C