4-channel oscilloscope

ART. NO. W070 500 040

4-channel oscilloscope

The digital 4-channel oscilloscope is used to measure up to 4 signals and variables simultaneously (e.g. 4-cylinder engine). It features the same equipment as the 2-channel oscilloscope, but also contains:


  • Small crocodile clip red/black (1 pc.)
  • 20:1 divider/attenuator (2 pcs.)
  • Secondary ignition alligator clip with cable (2 pcs.)
  • BNC test cable (4 mm) (2 pcs.)
  • Multimeter test prod red/black (1 pc.)
Equipment features

Wide range of measurement of voltage, current, frequency, duty factor, e.g.:


  • Actuators – injection nozzles, injectors, EGR valves
  • Ignition systems (conventional & distributorless) – primary + secondary sides
  • Starter and charging circuit measurements – without removal of components
  • Sensors – ABS, crankshaft, camshaft, intake manifold pressure, knock sensor, Hall-effect sensor, air-mass meter, lambda sensors
  • Relative compression check – without removal of components
  • NEW: Bigger clip-on current probe for current measurement up to 600 A
  • Measurement of high-speed signals possible (e.g. CAN bus, MOST bus, LIN bus systems)
    NEW: now measurement on Flex-Ray Bus possible
  • NEW: Incl. Ignition coil test rod allows a direct measurement of the secondary ignition voltage at the single spark coil test cables or coil on plugs without removing the coil, incl. connecting cable
  • NEW: Incl. fuse test adapter set for current measurement directly at the fuse plug-in slot


Simple functions

  • Saving and printing of the display or measurement.
    NEW: larger memory
  • Simple online updating – lifelong guarantee
  • Colour guidance system for improved allocation of cables for mixup-free measurement


Extensive automotive engineering menu for simple, fast measurement. Comprises the following components:

  • Reference diagram of the measured component
  • Technical information on the component
  • Detailed connection help
  • Automatic setting of the correct measurement range


This special features saves time and helps you to concentrate on the essentials.

Technical data
Number of channels 4
Frequency range20 MHz DC
Scanning frequency400 MS/s
Resolution12 bits
Measurement ranges± 20 mV to 50 V
Test range5 ns/div to 5.000 s/div
Number of time ranges25
Measuring mode AC / DC
Trigger modeAuto / Normal / Einzeln
Power supplyvia USB
Interface USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible)
Approvals CE / VDD / LVD WEEE etc.
Input resistance1 MΩ
Product information