2-channel oscilloscope

ART. NO. W070 500 020

2-channel oscilloscope

This digital 2-channel oscilloscope specially developed for use in the automotive sector is used to measure signals or variables on electrical components in motor vehicles. It shows you what's really happening inside a vehicle.

Equipment features

Wide range of measurement of voltage, current, frequency, duty factor, e.g.:


  • Actuators – injection nozzles, injectors, EGR valves
  • Ignition systems (conventional & distributorless) – primary + secondary sides
  • Starter and charging circuit measurements – without removal of components
  • Sensors – ABS, crankshaft, camshaft, intake manifold pressure, knock sensor, Hall-effect sensor, air-mass meter, lambda sensors
  • Relative compression check – without removal of components
  • NEW: Bigger clip-on current probe for current measurement up to 600 A
  • Measurement of high-speed signals possible (e.g. CAN bus, MOST bus, LIN bus systems)
    NEW: now measurement on Flex-Ray Bus possible
  • NEW: Incl. Ignition coil test rod allows a direct measurement of the secondary ignition voltage at the single spark coil test cables or coil on plugs without removing the coil, incl. connecting cable
  • NEW: Incl. fuse test adapter set for current measurement directly at the fuse plug-in slot


Simple functions

  • Saving and printing of the display or measurement.
    NEW: larger memory
  • Simple online updating – lifelong guarantee
  • Colour guidance system for improved allocation of cables for mixup-free measurement


Extensive automotive engineering menu for simple, fast measurement. Comprises the following components:

  • Reference diagram of the measured component
  • Technical information on the component
  • Detailed connection help
  • Automatic setting of the correct measurement range


This special features saves time and helps you to concentrate on the essentials.

Technical data
Number of channels2
Frequency range20 MHz DC
Scanning frequency400 MS/s
Resolution12 bits
Measurement ranges± 20 mV to 50 V
Test range5 ns/div to 5.000 s/div
Number of time ranges25
Measuring modeAC / DC
Trigger modeAuto / Normal / Einzeln
Power supplyvia USB
InterfaceUSB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible)
ApprovalsCE / VDD / LVD WEEE etc.
Input resistance1 MΩ
Product information