Social commitment

Together for a good cause

„No act of kindness, no matter how small,
is ever wasted.“

by Aesop


… that’s what we thought, too, and therefore launched a fundraiser last Christmas.

Instead of the usual Christmas gifts, we decided to donate the planned budget, as well as the entire amount of our internal fundraiser to needy and disadvantaged children.

Donation boxes were placed in the WOW! buildings from 6th of December 2017 until 18th January 2018. In this period, every employee had the opportunity to donate any amount of money on a voluntary basis.

The managing directors Frank Bartsch and Frank Konietzke rounded up the amount so that a total of € 2,100 could be collected. The three selected organizations Andreas-Fröhlich-Schule Krautheim, Kindersolbad Bad Friedrichshall and SOS-Kinderdorf thus received a donation of € 700 each.

Kindersolbad in Bad Friedrichshall is happy about the support

Kindersolbad in Bad Friedrichshall is happy about the support

On 17th April 2018 the CEO Frank Bartsch handed over one of the donation cheque to the head of the Kindersolbad Benjamin Kaufmann.

The Kindersolbad in Bad Friedrichshall is a youth welfare organization that offers individual help for families in problematic periods of life as well as comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services for socially disadvantaged children and teenager.

A total of 80 children and teenager between the ages of 4 and 18 years can be cared for in ten residential groups and two youth residences in the Kindersolbad.

In order to maintain these important tasks, the construction of a new building (Bohnertshaus) in Bad Friedrichshall is urgently needed. 16 children will find rest from their everyday lives but also many opportunities to develop there. Please visit the website of the Kindersolbad to learn more about this organization.

The Andreas-Fröhlich-Schule is also happy about the donation

The Andreas-Fröhlich-Schule is also happy about the donation

On 2nd May 2018, the CEO Frank Konietzke handed over a donation cheque to the Andreas-Fröhlich-Schule in Krautheim.

The Andreas-Fröhlich-Schule is a state-recognized private special education and counseling center. Children, teenager and young adults with disabilities or motor development delays are cared for at the establishment. Through individual education plans and educational goals, special education professionals develop special learning processes for each child. Two years ago, the Andreas-Fröhlich-Schule moved to Krautheim in a new building. Much to the delight of children and professionals. The children also have many opportunities to develop themselves. It offers, among other things, piano lessons, swimming and riding lessons for the children. For more information about the work of the Andreas-Fröhlich-Schule you are welcome to visit the website of the institution.

Worldwide projects are supported at SOS-Kinderdorf

Further financial support was given to the SOS-Kinderdorf. The SOS-Kinderdorf is committed to the well-being of children, young people and families worldwide. Alone or neglected children, disadvantaged families and people in crisis areas and on the margins of society receive help in the numerous SOS facilities. People in the world's poorest countries receive education, care and medical care.

WOW! participated with € 700 in the SOS-Kinderdorf Christmas campaign "donations instead of gifts" in order to support worldwide projects and to give children and young people a chance for a livable future. Also visit the website of SOS-Kinderdorf for more information on the activities of the organization.

The WOW! management would like to support these organizations with further actions also in the future and thereby help needy children, young adults and families.

We are pleased that we have been able to support three sustainable projects with our donation.