Illegal product and trademark piracy

Where innovation and progress are, there are also counterfeits. Theft of intellectual property is a form of crime and has serious consequences.

In the worst case, cheap counterfeits can lead to incalculable technical risks and are of inferior quality.

Unfortunately, our company is also affected of product piracy.

Therefore we would like to inform you as a customer that our products, especially our auto-diagnostic devices, are imitated and illegally sold mainly via the Internet by counterfeiters.

The fight against product and trademark piracy is a lengthy one in the age of digitalization and globalization and puts every company, no matter how strong it may be, to a hard test.

Nevertheless, we are taking legal action and doing our best to eliminate the sale of counterfeits.

The permanent technical development of our products is a matter close to our heart, so that we can guarantee you as our customer a permanent quality assurance.

By regular updates our products offer technical actuality as well as a lasting functionality. Our original products support your safety and professionalism.

We work technically and service-oriented which keeps us always one step ahead of counterfeiters.

WOW! sells its products exclusively through authorized distributors who guarantee originality, service and advice. With your WOW! contact person you can be sure that you are not buying cheap replicas, but 100% WOW! quality.
In case of doubt, please contact your WOW! Contact person. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at .
Why are counterfeit products a risk?


  • 1. You endanger the life and safety of all road users by using a tool that provides inaccurate or even false information and is not verified by qualified personnel.
  • 2. It is illegal and supports organized crime.
  • 3. There are no technical updates, so the software is very outdated.
  • 4. There is no warranty.
  • 5. There is no customer service or technical support.
  • 6. There are economic damages for company and customer:
       - Additional financial expense for property damage or even personal injury
       - Software damage in the car due to hidden viruses in the counterfeit software
       - Jobs will be lost
       - Public authorities must be paid for the purpose of criminal prosecution
  • 7. The quality of the counterfeits is inferior and susceptible to damage to cables and software.
  • 8. Bad for your image and credibility.
  • 9. You support the theft of intellectual property and disregard the life and work of other people.
  • 10. You support poor working conditions in Asian countries, where the counterfeits come from.

Here we show you the features that distinguish illegal counterfeits from our original products



The original Snooper + is shipped from the factory in a high quality hard plastic case.

If the Snooper+ is shipped without this case it is probably a fake product.


Original Snooper+

The case is made of black-silver hard plastic and has a metal bracket.

Counterfeit Snooper+

Black case without WOW! Sticker, no "Snooper" and no "+" incorporated and without metal bracket.


Original Snooper+

The shell of the back is screwed and is provided with warranty sticker and 3D hologram.

Counterfeit Snooper+

Shell is not screwed and without sticker.

Sticker-Kit for counterfeit Snooper+

Maybe with the fake Snooper+ a sticker kit sent along, which should make the Snooper+ look "real".

In addition, the fake Snooper+ includes several installation CDs in different languages.

If this sticker kit is already glued on, the fake Snooper+ can still be recognized by the following features.

Top with attached sticker kit

Original Snooper+

The housing is a painted plastic housing.

Counterfeit Snooper+

Missing Würth logo.

Bottom with attached sticker kit

Original Snooper+

WOW! address is given, 3D hologram, serial number.

Counterfeit Snooper+

Wrong serial number is indicated, missing 3D hologram.