Technical Hotline WHS 200

ART. NO. W015 000 003

Technical Hotline WHS 200

More than 300 years of professional experience await your call. We do not merely want to close a case but are interested to support you in the active correction of any faults.

More than just empty WORDS – individual and expert advice
  • Diagnosis and repair instructions from EXPERTS with more than 300 years of professional and hotline experience
  • TOTAL knowledge – thanks to our comprehensive database with more than 36 000 documented solution approaches
  • DIRECT support – connection to your workshop computer via remote control access
  • WELL-PROVEN with 16 years’ experience of operational hotline support

Monday – Friday: 08:00 am - 5:00 pm except for the bank holidays


Remote-Control Remote-Control

We support you via remote control by accessing your work computer.
How it works: You provide our technical experts access to your work computer when necessary and they solve your problem from afar. Start now with the application and you get secure and fast support!

Download Remote-Control-Application TeamViewer Download Remote-Control-Application TeamViewer